Smart Surface Technology (SST)

The Smart Surface Technology enables luminous plastic molded parts for ambiente environment.

A carrier foil is applied by us with a three-dimensionally deformable electroluminescence system. This film can be deformed by deep drawing three-dimensional. Subsequently, the film is back - injected with plastic by means of FIM (Film Insert Molding). This creates a compact component with a brilliant and homogeneously illuminated surface, applicable to any design.

  • The Smart Surface Technology enables new lighting concepts due to their low installation depth and high design freedom
  • A major advantage is the automation through savings in tooling, assembly, storage & procurement
  • The plastic part is a maintenance-free light


  • Flat
  • Flexible
  • Suitable for 3D process
  • Integration of the surface structure
  • Several luminous colors possible with any structure possible
  • Cold light
  • Uniform illumination of the surface
  • Long lifetime
  • Suitable for back injection

New properties

  • Suitable for back injection
  • Suitable for 3D geometry


Transfer technology for the integration of wood, fabric etc.