LEC- / EL-Systems

Electroluminescent lamps are basically luminescent capacitors.

By applying an alternating voltage to the electrodes, the phosphor crystals dispersed in the dielectric get excited to emit light. Modern, sophisticated processing techniques enable production of lamps with constantly better useful life, with optimised light distribution and low power consumption.


Lighting for Aircrafts

Adjustable surface lighting for instrument and switch panels with EL lamps, high reliability and individual designs.

  • brightness levels adjustable by regulation of voltage
  • glare-free, direct and / or indirect cockpit illumination; ideal to fly and navigate at night
  • NVG (Night Vision Goggles) compatible light emission
  • for interieur and exterieur aircraft applications

Keyboard Lighting

Flexible LUMITEC EL-lamps are most suitable for illumination of keyboards. Surfaces can also be illuminated by individual segments only and in different colors.

  • great stability against extreme temperature variations; vibration and shock resistant
  • no IR and UV emission
  • excellent readability under varying light conditions

Background Illumination

EL lamps are ideal for uniform and reflection-free backlighting of displays. Thin and borderless lamps are commonly used for small instruments.

  • versatile applications, e.g. for search and survey instruments, pagers, medical electronic equipment, watches and others
  • various connection techniques have been developed to suit individual requirements
  • LCD backlighting

Safety and Security Lighting

Flexibility in physical and design properties enable EL lamps to be used in miscellaneous safety and security products.

  • signalling illumination
  • emergency escape path lighting
  • luminescent strips for people's safety